Creating a C2C online secondhand and giveaway platform from scratch


A startup co-founded by a good friend and me. The team initially received angel investment from the founders of 104 Corporation. Although the project was terminated, we invested tremendous effort and dedication.

Role and Collaborations

As the founding team, it was just me and the founder. I handled the entire product design, ideation, and feature specification, and collaborated with contract front-end and Android engineers for the development.

Company / Product

HOWO (ε₯½ηͺ©)


Nov 2014 - Jun 2015


Founder: ChiaWei
Founding Designer: ShaoPing Chen
Front-end & Android Engineers



Concept and Mission

🎁 Continuing beautiful moments, where my stories reside by your side.

We connect "Taker" and "Giver" to cherish items and share stories, fostering meaningful exchanges in this fast-paced era.

βŒ›οΈ As time passes, stories gather in our hearts, while items pile up at home.

Takers find desired items and cover shipping fees, while Givers give away unwanted items, preparing them for courier collection.

🀝 Items forge meaningful connections, while sharing stories adds depth.

Foster a cycle of free sharing and gift economy through re-giveaways, connecting people through meaningful item sharing.


Accepting Imperfections: Designing for Real Users and Staying on Track

We spent too much time perfecting what we believed was the ideal user journey, causing a delay in launching the MVP for user testing. Insufficient development process management extended the timeline and affected the team's motivation. However, I learned the importance of project management a lot from this experience.