Maintained and optimized the checkout process of Tmall B2C e-commerce platform

Formerly Taobao Mall, is Alibaba Group's largest B2C e-commerce platform. It facilitates the sale of brand-name products to consumers in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Dominating the B2C retail market in 2010 with RMB 30 billion in transactions. By July 2014, it ranked 18th globally and 7th in China for website visits, with over 100M MAU.

Role and Collaborations

During my time at Tmall UED Team, as a Visual Designer, I collaborated with an Interaction Designer to optimize the purchase and checkout flow, including the shopping cart, checkout page, order details, scheduled delivery, logistics status, refunds, returns, and after-sales service

Collaborated with a 60-member design team, including marketing designers and others focused on the Design System and various projects. Also contributed to the Design System project.

Company / Product

Alibaba Group - Tmall Business (阿里巴巴集團 - 天貓事業部)


Nov 2014 - Jun 2015


UI / Visual Designer: ShaoPing Chen
Interaction Designer: Luki Wu
Web and Mobile Engineering team


Photoshop, Sketch

Checkout Experience

Maintained and aligned cross-platform purchase and checkout flow for Tmall, covering Mobile app, Tablet App, and Web app.
Customized checkout flows with vendors and brands, offering diverse experiences like scheduled delivery, in-store pickup, supermarket shopping, car installment payment, and more.
Shopping cart: Including supermarket cart and general cart, with personalized recommendations.
Checkout: View Item details with store promotions, coupons, and points redemption options, and recipient settings.
Order list: Access all orders with logistics details, send shipping reminders, and switch between tabs for different categories (e.g., pending payment, pending review, etc).
Order details: View shipping status, delivery address, installment payment info, and message the seller.
Payment success: Delightful confirmation screen with personalized recommendations.
Refund details: Refund requests info, negotiation history, messages, and refund status.


Empowered by Data, Making Decisions with Ambition and Accountability

Leveraging a strong research team and operations support, our design decisions are data-driven, ensuring a solid foundation for each choice we make, as they impact hundreds of millions of users.

Embracing Design Consistency in Complexity

Each new feature undergoes a meticulous process of information architecture design, considering customization for different industries, stores, and events. The interconnected elements demand a system thinking approach to maintain a seamless user experience.

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration in a Large-Scale Team

Being part of the 60-member design team has been incredible, delivering remarkable efficiency and scale. With clear roles and effective teamwork, we develop an extensive design system, brand guidelines, and interaction principles, creating countless feature-rich shopping experiences.