Designing innovative controller experience with ASUS Xtion motion sensor

I worked for ASUS Multimedia Business Unit from 2013-2014; we have many product lines such as graphics cards, sound cards, in-vehicle infotainment system, TV operating system, the Xtion motion sensor, PC accessories, gaming products, etc.

What is ASUS Xtion?

The Asus Xtion is a PC-compatible device similar to the X-Box Kinect with depth and RGB resolution. As the motion-detection sensor and controller, the user can browse multimedia content and websites on a TV or automotive display screen through intuitive gesture operation.

Here I presented some prototypes designed for Xtion, including in-vehicle and TV operating systems.

Role and Collaborations

I was responsible for visual design, UI, prototype and motion design and co-work with my leader Gin(UX designer) and android eng team.

Company / Product

ASUS Multimedia Business Unit / Xtion Motion Sensor


Jul 2013 - Oct 2014


UI, Visual, Digital Designer - ShaoPing Chen
Lead UX Designer - Gin Lee
Frontend Developer - Dash
Android Team


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.

TV UI With the Xtion

We designed an operating system prototype for Android TV and used the Xtion motion capturing device as the controller.
For example, you can control the interface with simple gestures; You can also play games, watch movies, listen to music, or download apps that support motion sensors from the Xtion store.
Homepage; The depth image in the bottom right corner shows the camera of the motion sensor.
Users can download apps from the Xtion store and click on them by clench palm.
Clench and drag the app icon to reorder or delete.
Drag and slide items can remove the notification.

In-vehicle Infotainment System

We show a prototype of an in-vehicle infotainment system at the 2014 International CES show.
The user can control an Android tablet with the Xtion motion sensor by hand and finger gestures, e.g.

- Swipe right or left to play music or radio.
- Swipe up to show the menu.
- Hold up 1~4 fingers to check car information or enable voice navigation.


The power of innovation and experimentation —

ASUS has greatly inspired me, I was involved in many innovative and experimental processes, while some projects didn't launch or turn into real products, but I'm grateful that the company provided enough resources and research to keep innovating, exploring, and breaking through.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants to invent new technology to build a better life; this is also the advantage of working at a large-scale company.