Rebranding Healthcare Products and Businesses

Powered by Foxconn, the largest electronics manufacturer, our mission is to establish a smart hospital ecosystem.


Our healthcare business group comprised numerous subsidiaries and product lines, lacking a uniform brand identity and distinct style. This led to ambiguity and confusion in brand positioning, tone, and image.

My goal was to revamp the branding and utilize it to amplify the impact on products and the market.

Role and Collaborations

As the lead designer for this project, I took on the responsibility of rebranding 4 product lines, redesigning 2 logos and app icons, and creating brand style guidelines.

Company / Product

Foxconn Health Technology Business Group (鴻海樂養健事業群) - YongLin Biotech & H2U
H2U Digital Products Brand Guidelines


Oct 2016 - Nov 2016


Primary Designer: ShaoPing Chen
Design Manager: Luca
Design Director: Jessica


Illustrator, Sketch