Partnered with the major retailer "7-Eleven" to develop a smart health management kiosk

Foxconn Health Technology Business Group is innovating a "Precision Medicine, Smart Health" business model with a global reach.


H2U Health ATM is a self-service device installed in convenience stores like 7-Eleven, offering measurements for blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and BMI.
Users can save their data in the "H2U Life" health management app and 7-Eleven's member system to receive health advice and analysis.

Role and Collaborations

I was responsible for designing the kiosk app from scratch, integrating the membership system, and delivering high-quality flowcharts, wireframes, and user interfaces. Additionally, I collaborated with the PM, system analyst, and strategic partner to align both business goals.

Company / Product

Foxconn Health Technology Business Group (鴻海樂養健事業群) - YongLin Biotech & H2U
H2U Health ATM

Strategic Partner





UI/UX Designer: ShaoPing Chen
PM: Garth
System Analyst: Samantha
Engineering Team


Sketch, Axure

Goals and Metrics

1. Checking people's health daily helps achieve the goals of the PHIP*.
*Population Health Improvement Program.
2. With kiosks and mobile apps working seamlessly, providing friendly services to help users build healthy habits.
3. Raise public awareness about preventive medicine and encourage a Lohas lifestyle.
4. Creating a full ecosystem for this health platform.
1. Growing membership user base.
2. Boosting advertising revenue.
For Foxconn:
・This Kiosk extends the H2U Life App, channels users to the H2U app, and grows the membership.
For 7-Eleven:
・Increase the number of OPEN POINT members and the frequency of iCash card usage.

Target Users and Scenarios

Middle-aged and Elderly
・I don't need to use pen and paper to jot down measurement results.
・I can easily retrieve measurement history using my iCash card and even print it out via the kiosk for doctor or family review.
・I'm happy to visit the nearby 7-Eleven as part of my daily routine, where I can engage with friends and conveniently use this machine.
*Community-based 7-Eleven stores typically offer larger spaces for socializing and dining.
Urban Women
・Young women monitor their measurements, get fitness and diet plans from the Kiosk, and join training programs from the H2U Life app to reach their goals.
・After getting measured, personalized ads for healthy food and drinks help to maintain their fitness, along with discounts or rewards points offered.
・7-Eleven offers more than just convenience; it provides a healthy lifestyle.
*Contributed and planned by PM team.

Project Scope

Onboarding and Guide
Health Measurement
Cloud Storage of Health Records
Membership System
Search History and Print
Health and Fitness Program
Advertising Campaign
Inbound Marketing


🚫 Constraints
The feedback and timing between physical devices and software are distinct; the app must offer clear guidance and prompts.
🎯 Business Goals
Aligning the goals of two major companies is challenging, particularly when combining different membership systems for mutual gain.
🙇🏻 Stakeholders
Coordinate with various stakeholders spanning across strategy, marketing, execution, development, and retail departments.

Outcome and Impact

👥 It's utilized by 1.3 million individuals/times in Taiwan.
🏘️ Installed in over 100 convenience stores and community spots.
🏢 Expand throughout government buildings and corporate campuses.

Design Process

Competitor Research

I've studied interfaces of various kiosks and self-service devices, ranging from aviation and medical to banking and department stores.


The project started in April 2017. Working with system analyst Samantha, we spent two months on integrating two membership systems, refining the flowchart multiple times.


The wireframe went through three major revisions within two months. I used Axure to create an interactive low-fidelity prototype.

Implemented into the Kiosk

Integrated content and the app into the hardware, conducted testing and operations. The hardware design was delegated to Pilotfish.

Main Features and Flows


Offer clear guidance and an interactive experience for users when using the device.
Introduce and guide users with warm illustrations and color tones.
The homepage has three main function entrances paired with simple illustrations.


Offer measurement services for blood pressure, weight, body fat, temperature, and AGEs.
Use clear illustrations to represent each measurement item.
Guide users on how to operate the machine.
Promote relevant products and services to users during the measurement process.
Input basic information for analysis and store data in the iCash card.
Display measurement results, body shape, status, reward points, and more.
Click on any item to view more explanatory details.

Member login system

Users can sign up or log in to their Open Point or H2U Life account to store their health reports in the cloud.
Choose the method of member login (physical card, phone number, etc.) or sign up.
Members can log in simply by tapping their physical card.
Enter account information.
After logging in, users can also link and sync other member systems.
Users of the H2U Life App can quickly log in by scanning a QR code.
Error message pop-up window.

Population Health Improvement Program

Guide users to join PHIP and ensure a consistent experience from Kiosk to the mobile app.
After measurements, get personalized health plans and health product discounts.
Join plans quickly by scanning QR codes and earn reward points upon completing tasks.

Health Records and History

Users can search for health records and print them out; this device is equipped with a printing function.
History stores all health records, and you can also see which account they are stored in.
Click tabs to view details and print. Personalized health advice will also be provided.


Enhancing Cross-Organizational Communication

The support from the PM and SA teams has been invaluable in sharpening my coordination skills. Facing the challenge of meetings with 20 participants, effective communication and gaining trust for approval are critical.

Trade-off Individual Goals with Company Objectives

It’s essential to align individual, team, and department goals with the company’s objectives. The key is understanding and finding consensus that both enhances user experience and drives business outcomes.