Collaborate with the largest retailer "7-Eleven" to build a smart health management Kiosk

Foxconn Health Technology Business Group is creating an innovative business model of "Precision Medicine, Smart Health"​ to be deployed globally.


H2U Health ATM is a self-service device installed throughout the convince stores, such as 7-Eleven, to provide blood pressure measurements, temperature, heart rate, and BMI.
Users can store data in both the health management app "H2U Life" and 7-Eleven's member system to get health advice and analysis.

Role and Collaborations

I designed the app's overall user journey, delivered the high-quality flowchart, wireframe, user interface, and coordination with the system analyst and the strategic partner to help align the business goals of both.

Company / Product

Foxconn Health Technology Business Group / H2U Health ATM

Strategic Partner





UI/UX Designer - ShaoPing Chen
PM - Garth
System Analyst - Samantha
Engineering Team




Sketch, Axure

Target User and Scenario

Middle and Old-age

・I don't need to use paper to record every measurement result.
・I can easily search measurement history by iCash card and print it out through Kiosk for a doctor or family review.
・I would willing to go to 7-Eleven to use this machine and communicate with my elder friends together.
*The 7-Eleven stores built in the community usually provide ample space and more facilities for people to communicate or eating.

Modern Women

・Young ladies who care about figures often check their health, receive diet and lose weight plans promoted by Kiosk, and join the program on the H2U Life app.
・Personalized promote healthy food and drink after measurement helps people keep the body fit and offer the discount or rewards points.
・7-Eleven is more than provide a convenient life but give a healthy life.
*Contributed and planned by PM team.

Goals and Metrics


1. People can have a health check-up in everyday life, achieve improvements in population health. (PHIP)
2. Let users get used to health management by providing useful and friendly services, and integration the kiosk and app experience.
3. To awaken public awareness of preventive medicine and promote Lohas.
4. Build an eco-system for the platform.


1. Increase users of the membership.
2. Increase revenue through advertising.
For Foxconn:
As an extension of the H2U Life app, convert the users of Kiosk to download the app.
For 7-Eleven:
Increase the number of OPEN POINT members and the frequency of using the iCash card.

Project Scope

Onboarding and Guide

Health Measurement

Record History

Join Membership

Search and Print

Health Program

Advertising Campaign

Inbound Marketing


🚫 Constraints

The feedback and timing are different between the physical device and the software; the app must have good guidance and tips.

📌 Business Goals

It is challenging to align two large companies' goals, especially integrate different member systems and get win-win.

🙇🏻 Stakeholders

Coordinate with many stakeholders that crossover from strategy, marketing, execution, development, retail department.

Outcome and Impact

It is used by 1.3 million people/times in Taiwan.

Installed at over 100 convenience stores and community.

Expand into government and corporate campus.

Design Process

Competitor Research

I have studies many kiosks, self-service devices' interfaces, including aviation, medical, banking, and department stores.


The project was kickoff in April 2017; there were numerous tweaks on the flowchart to integrate 2 systems of membership, and I built in two months with system analyst Samantha.


Wireframe also went through 3 versions in two months, I created an interactive low-fidelity prototype by Axure.

UI and Kiosk

I was very excited when I saw the results integrated into the hardware. This hardware design was commissioned to Pilotfish.


Provide a good guide and interactive experience when people use the device.
Introduce the service with a warm illustrator and color.
Here are 3 main features on the homepage.


Provide blood pressure, weight, body fat, temperature, AGEs measurement service.
Use illustrator to represent each measurement item.
Guide the user to operate the device.
Promote advertising to the user during the measuring.
Fill in basic information to get an analysis, and store data in the iCash card.
Show measurement results, reward points, and body shape.
Check the help article by clicking on the result item.

Member Login

People can sign up or log in to the Open Point / H2U Life account to sore their data to the cloud.
You can choose an account to store your data.
iCash card is an easy way to log in.
Fill in your account information.
You can also sync another member system via connecting account.
Use QR code to quickly log in to H2U Life.
Dialogue popup when getting an error message.

Population Health Improvement Program

Guide people to join PHIP and get a consistent experience from Kiosk to the app.
The health program is customized for the user, and you can get discounts on the healthy product here.
Join the program and get rewards by scan the QR code.


Users can search and print out history, the device is equipped with a print function.
Here saved all the history, and you can see which account it is stored in.
Check the details and print it out.


Communications across an organization's boundaries —

I am grateful to have support from PM and SA team and learned a lot of communication skills. It's a lot of effort to coordinate and rush around different offices and meet with 10~20 people every time; all changes, even the minor details, had to be informed efficiently and approved by everyone.

Trade-off individual goals and intentions of the business —

The most important thing is understanding each team's goals and aligning them, trade-off benefits for getting the best user experience possible.